“Happy New Year 2014” – oil on 6X6 panel

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!

Today, I am starting a new blog which will be up shortly.  Decided to do a ‘daily painting’ thing for my 2014 resolutions and will provide a link above at the main menu.   This will be a ‘no pressure’ painting blog and could end up just be something from my kitchen, a fork, a spoon,  or a simple landscape, or abstract, anything goes…… Found doing the daily 30 day painting in August last year to really be a benefit to my more serious paintings,  so I want to keep it going for all of 2014,   Little tiny 6X6 paintings.  Sometimes will just be my warm up painting as I move onto something more serious.  In the meantime, will RESERVE this website for paintings I think are acceptable.  Some of the daily ones may end up here from time to time.

Anyway, here’s a painting for the New Year done quick and dirty on my lap last night!!!!



PS. Also today will be gone most of the 20 by Christmas challenge paintings. Removing the ‘bombs’ and doing some housekeeping here.  THANKS FOR VISITING!!!!!

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