“Dusting Off”

Been awhile since I have posted.   Between being involved in a couple of shows, plus other unexpected stuff in life, my painting endeavour just took a back seat for awhile.  Now, I see a clear path ahead so on it again…….knock on wood.

I will be at the “Paint The Peninsula” juried plein air competition in September, I am happy to report got accepted, where will be competing amongst 30 or so well seasoned artists.   But am woefully out of shape!!!  So need to get back to my daily painting routine pronto!!!!

Also just took a week long workshop with Albert Handel.  I might put some photos of my works out of that up later…..or not. They were not too bad.  I was rusty but it was a good quick start to get me back in the saddle.   Was thrilled to meet Albert.  One of my earlier inspirations when I began in pastels before I moved to oils.

Onwards.  Should have some photos up later today or this week!

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