“Variations on color”

Quick and dirty.  Trying out some color ideas and pushing my comfort zone a bit.  I will probably do several of this scene using various harmonies.   The first one used a lot of yellow ochre, which is not a color I tend to dip in much.  Always find it dulls and cools color down too much to my liking and has a dead thud look to it.  I have started using Naples yellow more as an option.  But, here’s one using yellow ochre:


Next one, same idea but using naples yellow instead of yellow ochre.   These photos are so bad, and this is quick and dirty and the second one I was getting a little bored so didn’t spend much time with it, but working with naples was more comfortable to me. Maybe cuz is warmer than yellow ochre, I suspect, and is not as easy to over mix it as is yellow ochre. The next tries at this will be completely different!!!


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