Very Happy always to see January 1st and to hit the giant RESET button in the sky!!!!!

2014 was a productive year.   Sold a lot of paintings – yippie!!!!!  Was in four shows which included two solo shows where I hung over 90 new paintings.   Was in one juried plein air competition at Paint The Peninsula with 30 plus other pro artists that was a blast.   Also had a painting displayed at MONA is La Conner for their annual auction which was an honor.   Overall, was a good year.

2015 I am making changes.  Not concentrating on shows, or at least no solo shows for a good long while.   Will do way more internet selling and hopefully have more time and energy to paint more and not hassle with framing and advertising.   Solo shows are great but seriously time consuming and I am at a juncture with my painting where I need to concentrate on painting more and being out there less.   So, although not likely to post a painting a day, you will definitely see more posts here and new works in 2015 – KNOCK ON WOOD!

With deepest gratitude, Thanks to all that have bought my paintings!!!!  And also to people who have been following me here for taking a look.   Please stay tuned in 2015 !!!!


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