Painting Sale!!!

Ok, this takes some explanation.  I was cleaning out my painting supply storage, with intent to purge everything I no longer use.  Ran across nearly 40 frames for small 6×6 paintings, not really the style or size of frame I would use now, but still nice plein air style frames new in boxes!  I bought these in bulk for some rainy day a long time ago, I guess.  Am sure at the time it made sense!  But makes no sense to keep them taking up space now.  So, instead of discarding, have decided to do a series of small paintings and sell them off on EBay or Etsy!  Practically giving a framed painting away.  These will mostly be small Still Life or landscapes that I will do over next couple months, if get sales.  I will set starting bid on EBay at a dollar!!  If they don’t sell, then these frames go to the dump!

Ebay link….hopefully 👇

EBay auction link


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