Oh My Gouache!

407C5438-DDA9-4FD9-A931-8ECA3A24A87DFor those of you who are not familiar, I Paint most of the time in oils.  But occasionally I paint with a water color paint called gouache, pronounced “gwash”.  Here is a photo of my box set up for plein air painting, or anywhere painting.  Can sit this on my lap or on a tripod.  Mostly I prefer on my lap, for gouache.  This is a pochade box bought several years ago from Alla Prima Pochade.  The 8×10 Blackfoot model.  Works pretty good for gouache, and of course even better for oil painting.  I use a small water color palette that closes up with a lid, that I can put in a bag when traveling, or fits in the panel holding area of this box.  There is plenty of room to hold panels too.

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