30 Day Painting and Fasting Challenge

Starting day on July 5th, day after our holiday, am embarking on doing a finished painting each day for 30 days along with a 30 day juice fast.  Its been 6 years since did this challenge and I learned a lot, lost a lot, and got much healthier!  Fasting is amazing.  And the schedule to do a painting a day is grueling, but I am up to the task!

These paintings could be anything.  Landscapes, still life, abstract, or any medium including digital…..but mostly will concentrate on oils.  Some may be good.  Some may be bombs!  But will post them here, regardless.  Please stay tuned!

update…..forgot to add, these will be all 12×12 or larger paintings!  6 years ago, they were all very small 6×6 to 6×8 plein air paintings.  This ups the challenge a bit!


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