Richard Schmid

I just learned the saddest news this morning that he has died. Richard Schmid was one of my teachers, thru his very generous painting demonstration videos and books. One of the great artists of our lifetime. I owe much of my knowledge and ability from studying his work and teachings intently. When I was first learning oils, I would watch his DVD films over and over, nearly daily. I inhaled them. Here is a little painting I did, maybe 10 years ago, based on one of his paintings without the figure. In many of my earlier paintings, you can see his influence on my technique and style. Even my newer paintings too, perhaps. The world has lost an angel.

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  1. Sorry to hear that, Sharon. I wasn’t that familiar with Richard, but I did hear his name pop up many times on the Plein Air Podcast. I wouldn’t mind betting they’ll do an episode on him.

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