Nine Years Ago

update note….this was written and posted on September 8th, 2021. I have no idea why the date posted thru WordPress is so far off!

It has been nine years now since I began posting my paintings on WordPress. This was the very first plein air painting I put up here. I was just learning oils in and around 2012, after studying with pastels for several years.

I first got the idea of posting my work on line from a guy who makes pochade painting boxes, Alla Prima Pochade. By far the best of the best painting boxes. He had started posting his plein air paintings he did in his spare time up here on WordPress. Unfortunately, that website is no longer active but I really enjoyed seeing his work for a few years.

And I mostly followed suit in the grand majority of my posts with just a photo, a name, size of the painting, what it was painted with, and what it was painted on, and not blabbing on and on about my art and journey. And like Ben, I did not use WordPress as a social media, looking for followers, and seeking LIKES.

So, why use WordPress for displaying art if not looking for followers? Well, first off, it has proven to be a very handy way for me to record the info about my paintings, for myself. I can figure when they are painted, besides the info put on the posts. This has become very handy! I often forget what paintings I have done, and when. Especially if sold.

The other thing I found useful, is it gives me a place to see my work distanced from the real thing and critique myself. Often I finish something and think it does not work, but later see it on line and it does. And vice versa.

So, thats all there is to say about using WordPress after nine years. Its a great tool for an artist, the way I have used it. If someone else finds this info helpful, thats great. And for my future posts, I pretty much will just continue as is and try and avoid so many words, like this post!


  1. Interesting. I am a very prolific artist with a very bad memory. I started my wordpress blog as a way to record the art I was making as it related to my move to Mexico. I left out lots of other paintings because they were not related to Mx. Then I realized I did not even care who looked or didn’t look, so I have started 6 months ago to just post what I thought was important to me. Now this has helped a lot to remember what is what and where those paintings went. I will put my Mx. paintings in a book and the blog will be my guidline.

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