About Sharon Eckhardt


(This was me at Paint The Peninsula in 2015, taken by a reporter during a timed event!)

What is there to say about myself and my art?  I will just say first and foremost that I enjoy painting.  The process of learning to paint over the years has been one of my biggest challenges and joys in my life.  And even more to achieve a little bit of appreciation, i.e. sucess for my efforts, comes with satisfaction that I have done something right and worth it.  Even if fleeting in the current times we live in today.  It is, or was, a “moment”.  Thankful for the moments.

I mostly paint with traditional oils, but also use gouache occasionally.  I also dive into both traditional art and abstract.

In 2012 I started sharing my journey in painting here on WordPress, displaying each painting as I went.  If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can still look at these if you keeping clicking older posts.  And I will continue to post my new works as I go.

And, I also am now on Instagram if you are interested in following me there.  Just search on my name or “sharoneckhardtart” and will find me there.  I am mainly on Instagram to see what other artists are doing.  A good group all over the world.

Do I sell my art?  Well, yes I have.   But for now, as of 2020, I am choosing to not actively seek selling my work.  Mostly just enjoying the process of painting, as have no need to sell for money or recognition.  Been there done that!  However, if there is a piece you would like to own, feel free to inquire.

Thanks for taking a look!

Sharon Eckhardt