Real Oil to Art Rage Copy Step 1

Decided to take an existing real painting of mine, first shown below, and attempt to replicate it using Art Rage Lite.  This is a bit sacrilegious to do, as I took photo of my painting, used it as a tracing layer first, but just using this exercise to see if can get an Art Rage painting to look real.  Here is real painting, followed by traced and sampled Art Rage creates digital versions.


Real oil painting of mine:


Traced and color sampled from the real painting created by Art Rage.



Then used Art Rage palette knife to smooth out:


Next step will be using palette created from color samples from the real painting and finishing the digital version to as close to the real painting as I care to spend time doing.

Let me emphasize, I consider this to be sacrilege, but since is from my own real painting and for the purpose of demonstrating Art Rage, is ok with me.  Never would I normally copy a painting OR photograph and use it as a tracing layer.  Something about that just isn’t right.  Have seen some work some artist do on Art Rage where they take a photo of somewhere then trace it and sample colors.  So not creative.  Not true art in my book.

After this exercise, will then create some paintings using Art Rage and using palletes I have created sampling from my real paint colors.  No tracing. From scratch. Probably using a single Layer.  Let’s see if I can do it!







    • I did that test quite awhile back. Digital painting is not enjoyable, I have come to decide. Nothing replaces the real thing. No worries. On the other hand, it is still art. Not sure why its scary.

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