Happy Easter!

Hoping you are having a nice one!  It’s a beautiful morning so far here.

My latest painting.  A little value study in gouache.  And my short EBay experiment ends today too.  It was a fantastical failure!  Ha!  So will just stick with my new website and see how that goes for a year.  I put my work up here, on Pinterest, on Instagram, Etsy, and my own website to share.  It is not about selling, really.  I appreciate websites that allow artists to share rather than making money off of artists.

But, back to this painting….gouache is an interesting medium, and has become my plein air choice.  It is essentially water color.  But difference is you can work dark to light, like oils.  And, I love it as can be varnished with no need for glazing!  It dries super hard and fast.  Very durable.  It is not as luxurious as oils, but convenient.  I will attempt to do some in color this week.


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