A New Beginning

Its been over a year since I posted any new work.  With the positive outcome of our election, I feel inspired to paint again.  

I will continue to share my art journey here on WordPress with new oil and gouache/watercolor paintings, and some digital.  But no more acrylic as discovered recently that medium makes me ill.  Will I put my work up for sale?  Mostly I would say not.  I have no need to sell for any reason, neither for money or recognition.  But if someone wants to own a painting, I am open and appreciative.  I have sold plenty already.  It is always an option I can revisit in the future.  For now I prefer to just enjoy hanging on to my better work for awhile.

It has been a long time since I have been excited to paint.  May it last!


  1. I love the scape you have created here. As a novice non-artist, I think that the dynamics and sense drama you have achieved with your bold texturing is very impactful. The absence of sharp definition provokes the viewer to look beyond what is obvious, and to imagine what deeper story could unfold. Personally and spoken ‘completely’ from a place of ignorance, I think that if you had chosen to employ the use of some dark coloured pigments, such as the darkest greens, browns or blues, then maybe the ability of the viewer to get lost in the proposed story could perhaps be further facilitated. It’s great, please don’t scold me. Thank you for sharing.

    • Appreciate your comment. This was a quick ‘getting my feet wet’ knife painting using just white and black paint to create something very loose and suggest shapes. More to come with color. Thank you, sincerely.

  2. You said some things that resonate with me. I too was in a stuck place that was freed up by result of the election. And I make my art for more personal reasons than sales or recognition. Also, I appreciate the importance of value studies. Value cannot be undervalued 😊
    Your work is beautiful. Absolutely, may it last!

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